Ainza: Cheritera Hati First Giveaway

Cheritera Hati First Giveaway

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Selamat malam kepada rakan blogger yang 
tengah  baca entry aku sekarang ini .
Tonight , i not story about myself , song , or other .
But tonight i want to join The GA .
Yes , i like join this . 

I've just blogwalking and I saw a GA. it is very interesting. 
very generous gift. I hope I can have the gift. God willing:)
 with I have been carrying out my responsibilities as a participant in this GA 
by following all the conditions  that have been provided.
 I hope, at the time of life, I will win.
 To the jury, give me a chance to win at this GA.
 I hope so much . I hope I am in favor of the provision. Amin ~

to anyone who would like to join this GA.
You can click the banner that I tape it.
with this, I have included conditions

Buat satu entri mengenai Cheritera Hati First Giveaway.
Tag dua blogger lain.
 (kalau terlebih rajin,nak tak 18orang pon boleh.hehe)
Tinggalkan link entri korang di ruang komen di bawah ni.
Follow blog

Now , i tag 2 my blogger friend :

This the condition,
I have followed all the following conditions.
Once again, I hope I can win the gif . Thank you:)
Assalamualaikum :)

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