Ainza: New Year GA by Cik Eryn & Nabilamars

New Year GA by Cik Eryn & Nabilamars

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good night to all my loyal readers :)
Tonight, I was given an opportunity to update 
the blog this cute cute little longer. : D
Sorry to guys, in a few days, I have not updated about my daily life but
 I would like to join myupdate on the Contest / GA :) I do not have 
the opportunity to update other articles. Just that I am able to update
 in the month of January:) Okay, without delay, I continue to type what is
 written on the actual title. So guys, you all have read the above title. 
Now, I will start the entryfor this title :)


  Hi again.
God Willing, I have joined Giveaway of the two women are cute.
 This night I was given the award to be able to participate 
in a GA from a beautiful sisters. With this. I have the opportunity to join this GA.
 It has things I participate in GA but I do not favor.
 But I did not give up to go join the GA:) I really want to win the GA that I joined:)
 To jury, please give me a chance to taste this victory. 
partially, I have followed all the conditions. A sister for the GA is very exciting and
 very lucrative prizes. I hope so can have the prize. For GA this time
I hope I am in favor of the provision. God willing:)
once again I hope I can win this GA.
Now , i done Like , Add as Friend and follow the sponser ^^

click on the banner that I tape it to join this GA 

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  1. Thanx join dear ..
    anta lin pd comment entry GA kami yup..

  2. ur link mmg tade ..
    u tgk kami last update list bila yup ..nti kami akn listkn.


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