Ainza: My Mother's Birthday

My Mother's Birthday

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello shuttbomm guys :> Ehem , mintak maaf cause dah lama aku tak update blog . Woww ~ i don't have any idea . Hehe !Fine , today kan kan , nak tahu tak ehemmm . Hari ini hari lahir saya :) Cepat wish , kalau tak tembak kam :P Stopp , today My mother's birthday yang aku sayang gila punya gila .
Kau sayang tak mak aku ? Ehekkk :> Kalau sayang , meh aku bagi sweet  gula - gula kat kau , nak ? Freee ! So mother , i wish you :) Happy Birthday to you , happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you mummy :)

Dear Mother, I’m soooo happy you’re my Mum (Mom)And soooo I want to say I love you, Mum (Mom), and wish you .A soooo very best birthday .  I love you  and want you to know, I think of you often wherever I go.You lift me up; you're like walking sunshine; I am lucky to have a great mother like mine. Your endless affection makes you special and rare; I'm always amazed by how much you care. What you've given to me I can never repay, Thank you, Mom, on your (secret) birthday.
Mom, on your birthdayI celebrate you being you,my extraordinary mother.You have made such a difference,created so much good in my life! I celebrate your smart mothering,your clever, creative methods
of gently molding your beloved child into your vision of me: a strong, capable adult, an unselfish person of good character. I celebrate your boundless physical and emotional energy. loving me, leading me, supporting me,lifting me when I fall. On your birthday, Mom,I celebrate the best thing about my life. having you as my mother. Happy birthday, Mom! I hope everyone can see,What a great mom you’ve always been, And how much you mean to me.I always think about you,In times both good and bad,For the things you taught are with me,In happy times and sad.On your birthday I wish you joy,Just like you pass around.May all your good times multiply, And happiness abound.


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  1. Send my befday wish to ur mom & don't forget her in ur du'a. =)

  2. Happy birthday to youu mom . eh? hihihihi :-)

  3. happy birthday mom. eh hihihi :-)

  4. she say , thanks all :D may Allah bless you all :D

  5. happy birthday to aunty, may allah bless her..


  6. HB untuk mak awak. ceria selalu :)

  7. Happy belated besday ye auntie. May Allah bless u... Bw n follow sini

  8. thanksss all . may Allah bless you :D

  9. happy belated birthday for ur muum :)


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