Ainza: New Update

New Update

Saturday, April 07, 2012

\Hello good morning :>/
Hi reeader !  I've been really busy  my homework :) Really excited went i 
open my blogspot . Wooo ~ My followers have already reached 1000+ ! :)
Thanks you cause always visit and follow my blog ! :)
If i have time , i'll followback you , cbox and comments your blog :)
So I'm thinking of changing my blog's song. I am tired of hearing the same song. 
Then i blogwalking blog someone, yeah same with my blog song.
 Wahhhh! Hehe i don't like it :/ , then i open youtube and choose the song.
 Now, i got a new song. Best! :) Now, i exhange my song. 
so how about you? Do you like my blog's song? Please give feedback :)

I opened a new section in the content part! Do check it out! 
Reader :), i got a new Emotions are so cute. I try to install then i want
 to upload in this entry :) I have two types of Emotions, a round ^ ^ 
two forms that somehow: P Please read the FAQ BEFORE you use ok :)


 Please credits when you use for freebies or other .
 Tell me when you take this emotions
 Do not use this emotions as your base!
 Do not steal or claim as your own.

Use them for your own personal use , chatbox/tagboard.

sorry, I  lazy to do them one by one XD bye! :)
The funny truth! :)

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