Ainza: Please Answer My Question

Please Answer My Question

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello peep ! Goodnight :)  I've been really busy  my homework :) 
Really excited went i open my blogspot . Wooo ~ My followers have already
 reached 1000+ ! :) Thanks you cause always visit and follow my blog ! :)
If i have time , i'll followback you , cbox and comments your blog :)
So I'm thinking of changing my blog's song. I am tired of hearing
the same song.  Then i blogwalking blog someone, yeah same with my
blog song.  Wahhhh! Hehe i don't like it :/ , then  i open youtube and choose
the song. Now, i got a new song. Best! :) Now, i exhange my song.
so how about you? Do you like my blog's song? Please give feedback :)

The morning was Sunday morning. Weather cold enough to reach 
freezing temperature.That's why I do not shower in the morning because 
of ice so the water tank and water pipes
do not want to go out for frozen pipes in the trunk. That morning Ibreakfast
family in the fire pit because not withstand the cold. After that
my mother took me to accompany him to the market.

But I do not want. After my mother stabbed her
 stomach again and again with fork, I agreed to accompany her. 
We walked as far as 120 kilometers as the market was 
128 kilometers from home. More 8 miles I reached the market 
I noticed a container lorry dashed
with speed from behind. He violated my mother. My mother
thrown into a ravine. He shouted "Adoi".
Then my mother was up again and chase the truck. I also
ran after my mother for fear she would ram lorry.
The truck driver saw us catch up. He was accelerating faster
the speed of light. We are forced to pursue
more of the same speed twice the speed of light. My mother
the front tire of the truck. Truck skidded and hit
the road divider and a ferry.

The ferry was torn in two. Passenger ferry was a total of 100
all dead. The ferry was very angry. He was turned into
Ultraman and fired at a lorry driver. Truck driver hit the special button
his truck. truck was turned into a Transformer robot. They
fought in the air. My mother was not happy. He also continues to hire
a helicopter in Genting Highlands, and continue to the accident.

He violated the ferry that had been transformed into Ultraman.
The ferry was shocked, and continue to turn the ferry
back and crashed into the road. The ferry was broken. Guide
trucks are afraid to look at the incident. He asked for forgiveness from mother
I. He extended his hand to shake. But my mother was still
angry. He inclined and cut off the hands of the driver of standby
the truck with the propeller of a helicopter. The driver 
shouted "Adoi ..!" and fell to the ground.
Mother say the helicopter to Genting Highlands. When he
returned to the scene, he continued to hit the truck driver with
her handbag as he berated the driver of the lorry in the language
England. The lorry driver was unable to answer because my mother was told
white people. Then the truck driver died.
Not long after the police car arrived. He made a report to
headquarters of the horrific accident. All police in
police office was shocked at his death. People swarmed
the scene and wanted to know what had happened.
Police on duty tried to disperse the people and he screamed
loudspeaker. The public was shocked and all dead.
After that my mother took me to the market to avoid more
many more will die. In the market, my mother was telling incident
to the butcher. Butchers and traders nearby who heard
 the story is all shock and death. I and my mother ran home. 
Because they are too tiredonce we got home to die.
That was the worst accident I've ever seen before I die.

Question : How Marks Suitable to be given to the boy who wrote this essay ? :)

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  1. macam pernoh bace,,tapi dop ahu mane hehe ... emmm bagi 34% hahahaha


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