Ainza: Wenesday Booow

Wenesday Booow

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

\Hello good evening :>/
Hi reeader !  I've been really busy  my homework :) 
Thanks you cause always visit and follow my blog ! :)
If i have time , i'll followback you , cbox and comments your blog :)

I opened a new section in the content part! Do check it out! 
Reader :), i got a new sedebar and cursor  so cute. Ehemm , 
lookkk my header ! Dah berubah , yes i always change my header .
Wooo ~ are jelly ? Okay semalam saya boring then tangan ni 
rajin pulak nak buat freebies . You want it ? sorry , i can't put the image 
cause my laptop  was crazy hehe . So , i just give the link ok ^^ 

For Sidebar :>
 [] []
 [] []
  [] []

Andd i have spesial for you all :> I create the cute cursors ! 
Now , you can choose what you want ^^ Happy enjoy 

Click the image and copy url :> Oh , please tell me if 
you ,you and you want to use my freebies ok ! :D 
Oh want to request header or other , tell me okay :D I'll 
reply your cbox :D Thanks all . Assalamualaikum . 

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  1. i put your freebies,,,wohhh ! sangat cantik!!! :D

  2. nak satuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! kak chocoaien :*

  3. nice ! nak header yg simple but nice .. maybe kalaw ltk gmbar skit pown uke jgak .. juz wanna header yg simple n cute .. its that okayh ?

  4. salam..
    singgah follow sini :)
    jom follow cik iena jugak(^_~)

  5. nak header yg simple but nice n cute .. kalaw buleyh nak yg adew gmbar .. juz yg simple n nmpak ta serabut .. warna ta kesah ..


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