Ainza: True friends have a story to tell

True friends have a story to tell

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Good friends surmount any uphill tasks and obstacles.True friends are the ones that withstood the test of times.They are the ones that bravely face the storms in life.Harsh times may create momentary rifts and trigger distance, misunderstandings.But, it is only true friends that will overturn the tide around and take the bold steps that will bind them together.From time-to-time, they may drift apart and grow sullen.The bonding they once shared over life, love and all that matters was built on strong ground.The rock-solid and cement foundation may be shaken once or twice but cannot be destroyed.Like the Phoenix, true friends will rise from the ashes and tell the world what their friendships is all about.They have a beautiful story to tell the world. 

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